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Clean your vehicle fleet more efficiently and cost-effectively

Save time, money and man-hours with the all-in truck wash system from Shell

Simple administration, a better overview and more control over the costs of cleaning your vehicle fleet. The free Shell Truckwash online dashboard gives you complete insight into all facets of the cleaning process for your trucks and tanks in real time.


Free access for euroShell card-holders.
Do you use euroShell cards for your fleet? If so, you get free access to the Truckwash platform and pay no periodic costs. For a mere 4% surcharge on the cost of the washes performed, you get unlimited access to the online dashboard, the planning tool and our international network of service partners. The truck wash costs are included on your regular Shell invoice. In short, you get extra control, planning options and insight without having to invest yourself.

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Optimum cost control, more flexibility and accurate wash records!

  • Access to hundreds of truck washes in Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium

  • All your washes on a single itemised summary invoice

  • Always have accurate real-time HACCP records

  • LocatorApp with the nearest truck washes for your driver

  • No fixed costs


There's always a truck wash nearby
Via the app, your drivers have access to a dense network of hundreds of truck washes and tank cleaning firms across Europe. With Shell Truckwash, you can schedule washes at times which are convenient for you. For example, during waiting times or at a logical point on the daily route. This prevents unnecessary truck movements, fuel costs and non-profitable hours on the part of your drivers. Have you ever considered that these costs are often exponentially higher than the cost of the actual wash itself? Even if you do get a big discount at your local truck wash!

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Over 377 participating service partners!

With over 377 locations, there will always be a service location en route, which means fewer detours for your drivers and lower costs for you.

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