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Online registration of all your transactions

Manage your vehicles and export information to Excel

All your transactions are registered in your online dashboard.
You can export all transaction and vehicle information to Excel.
Administrator can create codes themselves with which the drivers can pay.
You can see per vehicle when it was last washed and set the management frequency.
Receive alerts when a vehicle is performing a service, with exceedance and weekly Excel reports.

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Cards or cash are no longer required

Simply pay with the AVJT reference

With AVJT Roadservices you no longer need any cards or cash.
Upon presentation of a AVJT reference, your drivers can pay.
You can simply send the AVJT reference via your dashboard to the drivers per text message.
You can also set how often a AVJT reference can be used.
Do you have a euroShell Card? Then you can have your transactions processed via your euroShell Card fuel invoice.
This will be even more convenient and it means less administration for you.

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More than 392 service locations

so always a location along the way

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What do customers think of us

Extensive network
The extensive network of AVJT in combination with the online monitoring makes it possible to select the best moment for a wash. For example, we can plan a wash when the driver has idle time. So, he does not have to wash the truck at the end of the day, what saves him time and our company money.
Wil Versteijnen, Managing Director
Meanwhile with about 2500 units, hundreds of truck wash receipts and invoices were accumulating every month. Checking and processing these documents takes quite a bit of time. So we decided that we had to make this more efficient and that is why we ended up at AVJT. Additional advantage of this system is that we were also able to improve our quality systems.
Maarten Broekman, Fleet manager
Central invoicing
For us the main advantage of AVJT is the central invoicing. In one go we got rid of all local initiatives and complicated matters with receipts and annual agreements. Via AVJT, every car/truck wash of all our employees is centrally invoiced via the fuel card. This ensures that we have less administrative work, so lower costs.
Edwin van Vliet, Senior Buyer
Real time overview
Now we have a quick, easy and real-time overview of all washes via an online dashboard. When it has been three weeks since the last wash, the local manager receives a message that it is probably time to wash the truck. But this does not happen a lot because our drivers find it important that they have a clean truck when they arrive at customers.
Willem Kooijman, Fleet management
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Lower costs
local rates and more control over your costs
A single combined invoice
less administration
more insight
Maximum control
real-time overview & alerts in case of exceedance
Web App for drivers
find locations & check out the washing option
392 locations
always a location nearby